The CRYLINK’s quartz multistage quarter wave plate is made of a single quartz crystal with thick thickness and easy fabrication. When a beam of linearly polarized light is perpendicularly incident on a wave plate made of uniaxial crystal, it is decomposed into o-ray and e-ray propagating along the original direction but perpendicular to each other in the vibration direction, and the corresponding refractive index is no,ne.Due to the different velocities of the two kinds of light in the crystal, the phase delay is δ=(2π/λ)|no -ne |*d.|no -ne |*d is the optical path difference, The optical path difference produced by a quarter wave plate is (2m+1)λ/4 ,Retardation isδ=(2m+1)*π/2,m is a nonnegative integer. The thickness of the multi-stage quarter wave plate is determined by the series m. Compared with the zero-order quarter wave plate, when the light passes through the multi-stage quarter wave plate, it has an additional m full wavelength phase delay, which is more sensitive to the wavelength.


Basic Parameters

Design wavelength266 nm-1550 nm
Product IDPB03003
Optical cell diameter25.4 mm
Retardationmλ+λ/4(m as a positive integer)
CoatingV-AR Coating
AR CoatingR<0.25%a@ design wavelength (6 ° angle of incidence, one-sided)
Optic materialCrystalline Quartz
Surface parallelism<3 arcsec
Clear Aperture>90% CA
Retardation tolerance±λ/300、±λ/100
Surface quality10/5


  • General thickness, 0.3-1.0 mm
  • High injury threshold
  • Lower price than zero order wave plates
  • Compliance with RoHS
Quartz Multi-Order Quarter-Wave Plates Spectrogram