CRYLINK quartz multistage two-and-a-half wave plates are fabricated from single sheet quartz crystals with relatively thick thicknesses for simple fabrication.When a beam of linearly polarized light incident perpendicularly to a wave plate made of uniaxial crystals, it was decomposed in the wave plate into o – and e-light propagating along the original direction but perpendicular to each other in the vibrational direction, and the corresponding refractive indices were no、ne . Since the two kinds of light have different velocities in the crystal, the amount of phase delay produced after passing through a wave plate of thickness d is δ=(2π/λ)|no -ne |*d. Among |no -ne |*d as the optical path difference, the two-thirds wave plate produced an optical path difference of (2m+1)λ/2, the amount of phase delay δ=(2m+1)π, and m as a non negative integer. The m of the multistage two-thirds wave plate was not 0, and the thickness was determined by the series M.Compared with the zero order two-thirds wave sheet, the light passes through the multistage two-thirds wave sheet with an additional m full wavelength phase delay, which is more sensitive to the wavelength. The CRYLINK’s quartz multistage two-thirds wave plate is commonly used to rotate the polarization direction of linearly polarized light.


Basic Parameters

Design wavelength266 nm-1550 nm
Product IDPB03002
Optical cell diameter25.4 mm
Retardationmλ+λ/2(m as a positive integer)
CoatingV-AR Coating
AR CoatingR<0.25%a@ design wavelength (6 ° angle of incidence, one-sided)
Optic materialCrystalline Quartz
Surface parallelism<3 arcsec
Clear Aperture>90% CA
Retardation tolerance±λ/300、±λ/100
Surface quality10/5


  • Polarization direction commonly used for rotary linearly polarized light


  • General thickness, 0.3-1.0 mm
  • High injury threshold
  • Lower price than zero order wave plates
  • Compliance with RoHS


Quartz Multi-Order Half-Wave Plates Spectrogram1
Quartz Multi-Order Half-Wave Plates Spectrogram2
Quartz Multi-Order Half-Wave Plates Spectrogram3

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