In some optical systems, linearly polarized light is not popular, such as in reflective spectrometer, the polarization effect will affect the sensitivity of the detector. Depolarizer is used to convert polarized light into non polarized light. It is widely used in polarization sensitive systems and instruments.

CRYLINK’s Quartz Wedge Depolarizer is composed of two quartz crystal wedges. Different from ordinary wedge depolarizer, we don’t use fused quartz as compensation, we use quartz crystal as polarization compensation. The conventional quartz wedge depolarizer can only be used in a narrow spectral range due to the limitation of beam deviation angle. The quartz wedge depolarizer designed by CRYLINK can be used in a wide spectral range, and the beam deviation angle can be controlled in an acceptable range.

When the linearly polarized light is incident on the wedge surface of the quartz wedge depolarizer, its polarization state will change in space, resulting in random polarization. Quartz wedge depolarizer has a good depolarization effect for monochromatic light source and broadband light source. The best depolarization effect can be obtained when the incident polarized light and the optical axis of the quartz wedge depolarizers are placed at 45 degrees. Of course, the larger the incident spot is, the better the depolarization effect is.


Basic Parameters

Product IDPC03001
Dimensional tolerance+0/-0.2mm
Thickness tolerance±0.2mm
Surface quality60/40
Clear Aperture>90%
Parallelism<1 arcmin
Beam Deviation<3 arcmin
Damage ThresholdCemented: >500mJ/cm2, 20ns, 20Hz @1064nm
Optically contacted: >5J/cm2, 20ns, 20Hz @1064nm


  • 45 degrees is the best
  • It is suitable for wide spectrum light source and monochromatic light source with spot diameter larger than 6 mm
  • Provide glued and light glued

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