The optical isolator is composed of a polarizing beam splitter prism and a quarter zero order wave plate. The optical axis of the wave plate is 45 degrees. The transmitted p-polarized light turns into circularly polarized light after passing through the wave plate. After being reflected, it turns into s-polarized light again through the wave plate, so it is reflected by the polarization splitter prism to achieve the isolation effect.


Basic Parameters

MaterialK9+ Quartz
Product IDPE01001
Dimensional tolerance±0.2mm
Surface quality60/40
Clear Aperture>90%
Wavefront distortion<λ/4 per 25mm@632.8nm
Beam deviation<3min
Isolation degree>20dB
Transmission parameterTp>95%,Ts<1%
Reflection parametersRs>99%,Rp<5%
CoatingAntireflection coatings are applied to all the exit and entrance surfaces
Damage threshold >500mJ/cm2,20ns,20Hz,@1064nm


  • Laser
  • Fiber amplifier
  • Optical CATV Network
  • Coherent optical communication


  • Optical echo cancellation
  • High isolation
  • Achieve passive isolation
  • RoHS compliant


Optical isolator Spectrogram1
Optical isolator Spectrogram2

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