Gran Taylor polarizing prism can be used to output linearly polarized light with high extinction ratio. When non polarized light is incident, a beam of linearly polarized light with high extinction ratio can be obtained at the transmission end, which is extraordinary light. In order to meet the needs of customers for different bands, CRYLINK’s Glan Taylor crystal polarizing prism consists of two pieces of the same kind of negative uniaxial crystal (calcite or quartz) whose optical axes are parallel to each other α- BBO prism (calcite α- BBO are all negative uniaxial crystals, no > ne. Calcite has good transmittance from visible to near infrared, α- BBO has excellent optical performance in the ultraviolet to mid infrared band), and the air gap between the prisms is filled by edge clamp gasket, which can withstand higher power applications. CRYLINK also provides a variety of customized services, including customized special size, design wavelength and other indicators. For specific customization requirements, please contact CRYLINK technical support. Please refer to the technical description for relevant precautions.

The Glan Taylor crystal polarizing prism is used to output linearly polarized light with high extinction ratio. CRYLINK provides Glan Taylor crystal polarizing prisms with optical aperture of 10 mm and working wavelengths of 350 nm-2.3 μm (protective film 1064 nm), 200 nm-400 nm (protective film 266 nm), 400 nm-700 nm (protective film 633 nm) and 700 nm-3.0 μm (protective film 1064 nm). CRYLINK’s Glan Taylor crystal polarizing prism is pre-installed in the black anodized mechanical housing and can not be removed. One end of the shell is engraved with SM1 external thread and attached with snap ring, which can be locked reversely to control the polarization direction of the prism. The other end of the optical arm can be matched with the CRYLINK adjusting frame, which is convenient for customers to use.


Basic Parameters

Material α-BBO, Calcite, YVO4
Product IDPA01001
Clear ApertureØ10 mm
Operating Wavelength200 nm-4.0 μm
Surface quality20/10
Wavefront distortion<λ/4@632.8nm
CoatingSingle MgF2@1064nm,Typical Tp>85%@1064nm
Structural designHigh damage threshold air gap structure
Beam deflection<3 arcsec
Shell diameter/toleranceØ25.4 mm +0.0/-0.2 mm
Extinction ratio<5×10-6
damage threshold>1J/cm2,20ns,20Hz,@1064nm


  • Linearly polarized light with high extinction ratio


  • High Polarization Purity
  • Close to Brewster’s Angle Cutting
  • Rejected beam absorbed internally,<5×10-6 extinction ratio
  • Air-spaced, medium power polarizers for visible or near IR wavelengths
  • RoHS Compliant
Gran Taylor Polarizer Spectrogram
Gran Taylor Polarizer Spectrogram

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