Wave plates are made from materials with birefringence. The velocities of very light and common light through a birefringent material are inversely proportional to their refractive indices. The difference in speed can cause a phase difference when the two beams are recombined. At any particular wavelength, this difference depends on the thickness of the accelerometer (wave plate).The dual wavelength low-order wave plates were made of good quality crystalline quartz with quarter wave, half wave and full wave delays. All wave plates were mounted in Ø 25.4 mm black anodic alumina rings with a clear pore size of 18 mm. The polarization of the dual wavelength light source was controlled.


Basic Parameters

Product ID:PB02002
MaterialCrystalline Quartz
surface quality,S-D10-5
Wavefront distortion,P-V<λ/10 @ 632.8 nm
Retardation tolerance @20°C±λ/300
Clear Aperture Ø5 – 76.2 mm
AR coatingsRavg < 0.2% on each surface 
LIDT>5 J/cm2 = 1064 nm, 
10 ns, 10 Hz
MountingBlack, white anodized metal mount


  • Wave plates designed for 800 nm and 400 nm dual wavelength settings
  • Another possible configuration is that placed at 800 nm λ/2 wave plate and placed at 400 nm λ/4 wave plate.


  • High injury threshold
  • General thickness < 2 mm
  • Compliance with RoHS