Epoxy free wave plates for high energy applications withstand energy densities greater than 20 J/cm2 at 1064 nm at 10 ns pulse repetition rate. Due to its unique design and wide acceptance angle, the adjustment sensitivity is minimized. Since the temperature bandwidth used is greater than 200K, the waveband can be used under hazardous conditions without additional loss. The order of the waveband depends on the wavelength and delay requirements.


Basic Parameters

Product IDPB06001
MaterialCrystalline Quartz
Surface quality, S-D10-5
Transmitted wavefront distortion, P-V<λ/10 @ 632.8 nm
Retardation tolerance @ 20°C±λ/300
Clear apertureØ5 – 76.2 mm
AR coatingsRavg<0.2% on each surface
LIDT>20 J/cm² @ 1064 nm, 10 ns, 10 Hz*
MountingBlack, white anodized metal mount


  • High extinction ratio
  • Wide acceptance angle
  • Wide temperature bandwidth

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