CRYLINK LCD polymer plates consist of two N-BK7 window slices with a precise thickness of birefringent LCD polymer film in the middle clamp and are pre-installed in the standard SM1 lens sleeve. The outer surface of the lens sleeve is engraved with the product model number and the waveform fast axis marking line for easy identification and use by customers. By precisely controlling the thickness of the liquid crystal polymer, the optical path difference (or phase difference) perpendicular to the optical axis (o light) and parallel optical axis (e light) can be precisely controlled when passing through the crystal. A beam of linearly polarized light is incident perpendicularly onto one half of the waveband. Setting the angle between the light vector of the incoming linearly polarized light and the fast axis of the waveband as a, the direction of the incoming light vibration is decomposed into two components, one perpendicular to the optical axis and the other parallel to the optical axis. The light of the two components travels in the same direction, and the difference of light paths between the two components after passing through the waveband is (no -ne)*d=λ/2. Where D is wafer thickness and no and ne correspond to the refractive index of o and e light. Then the phase difference between two components perpendicular to each other is δ=(2π(no -ne)*d)/λ=π. When the line polarization passes through a 1/2 wave plate, the phase difference between o and e light is π. The beam passing through a 1/2-plate remains linearly polarized but turns toward the fast axis for 2a. When a = 45 degrees, the deflection angle of light is 90 degrees after passing 1/2 of the plate.


Basic Parameters

MaterialLiquid crystal polymer waveplate /N-BK7
Product IDPB07003
Surface quality 40/20
Retarda- tion tolerance±λ/100
Thread specifica- tionSM1 Internal and external threads
Thickness tolerance±0.05 mm
RMS±5 nm
Design wave-length405 nm,442 nm,488 nm,520 nm,532 nm,633 nm,670 nm, 780 nm,795 nm,800 nm, 808 nm ,850 nm,905 nm,980 nm,1030 nm,1053 nm,1064 nm,1310 nm,1550 nm
Clear apertureØ 21.5 mm
Transmitted light deflection<10 arcsec
Working tempera-ture-20~60°C
Diameter of mechani-cal shell30.5 mm
Diameter tolerance+0.00/-0.05 mm


  • Manual polarization direction rotator
  • Light attenuator
  • Any light intensity proportioner
  • Polarization generator


  • Low wavelength sensitivity for delay
  • High temperature stability
  • Large accept effective angle
Polymer True Zero-Order Waveplates Spectrogram1
Polymer True Zero-Order Half-Wave Plates Spectrogram
Polymer True Zero-Order Waveplates Spectrogram2
Polymer True Zero-Order Half-Wave Plates Spectrogram

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