The true zero-order wave plate can produce accurate phase delay. Compared with the ordinary zero order wave plate, the true zero order wave plate has better extinction ratio and better delay accuracy. Compared with glued true zero level, single true zero level is only a piece of quartz, which is mainly used in 1310 and 1550 communication bands.


Basic Parameters

MaterialCrystalline Quartz
Product IDPB07001
Dimensional tolerance+0.0/-0.2mm
wavefront distortionλ/ 8 @ 632.8 nm
Retardation tolerance<λ/ 500
Parallelism< 1″
Surface quality20-10
ChamferingProtective chamfering
CoatingAntireflection coating on both sides,R<0.25%@λ,AOI 0°
Damage threshold>5J/cm2,10ns,10Hz
Recommended wavelength1310nm & 1550nm


  • High bandwidth
  • Wide temperature range
  • Wide working angle
  • High damage threshold

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