Cemented zero order waveplate is constructed by two quartz plates with their fast axis crossed, the two plates are cemented by UV epoxy. The difference in thickness between the two plates determines the retardance. Zero order waveplates offer a substantially lower dependence on temperature and wavelength change than multi-order waveplates.


Basic Parameters

MaterialCrystalline Quartz(Optical Level)
Product ID PB05002
Dimension tolerance+0.0, -0.2mm
Orientation angle error± 0.1°
Wavefront distortionλ/8 @632.8nm
Retardation tolerance<λ/300
Wavelength range400~2100nm
Parallelism< 5″( Single wave plate <1″)
Effective aperture> 90%
Surface quality20-10
Chamfer Protective chamfer
CoatingAR Coating on both sides,R<0.25%@λd ,AOI 0°
Damage threshold>0.25J/cm2,10ns,10Hz


  • Better Temperature Bandwidth
  • Wide Wavelength Bandwidth
  • Both Sides AR Coated
  • RoHS Compliant

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