The polarizer consists of an array of metal wires sandwiched between fused silica (- UB) or Eagle XG (- VIS) glass substrates. The metal wire grid polarizer has high transmittance (see curve label) and high maximum working temperature (200 ° C for the square polarizer not installed and 93 ° C for the circular polarizer installed), which can replace the traditional film polarizer and holographic wire grid polarizer. In addition, CRYLINK’s – vis linear grid polarizer is coated with antireflective coatings of 400-700 nm on both sides of the substrate and the protective glass. Because the wire grid is easy to be damaged, adding a protective glass cover helps to reduce the risk of damage. In addition, the glass surface can also be cleaned, which has a longer typical working life than the unprotected linear grid polarizer. The grid polarizer transmits the light whose electric field vector is perpendicular to the metal wire, and reflects the light whose electric field vector is parallel to the grid. The extinction ratio of the polarizer is a measure of the ability to attenuate the light perpendicular to the transmission axis of the polarizer. The extinction ratio (ER) is obtained by measuring the maximum transmittance (Tmax) when the polarizer is aligned with the polarization axis and the minimum transmittance (Tmin) when the polarizer is rotated 90 degrees.


Basic Parameters

SubstrateEAGLE XG
Product IDPA03003
Polarization Wavelength Range420 – 700 nm
Extinction Ratio2>800:1 (Average Over Wavelength Range)
AR Coating400 – 700 nm (Ravg < 1%)
Angle of Incidence±20°
Thermal Expansion37.6 x 10-7/°C
Surface Quality80-50 Scratch-Dig
Size12.5 mm x 12.5 mmØ25.0 mm25.0 mm x 25.0 mm50.0 mm x 50.0 mm
Dimensional Tolerance±0.2 mm+0.0/-0.1 mm±0.2 mm±0.2 mm
Clear Aperture10.5 mm × 10.5 mmØ19 mm21.0 mm × 21.0 mm48.0 mm × 48.0 mm
Thickness1.53 ±
0.20 mm
3.5 ± 0.10 mm1.53 ±
0.20 mm
1.53 ±
0.20 mm
Operating Temperature-40 to
200 °C
-40 to
93 °C
 -40 to
200 °C
 -40 to
200 °C


Visible Wire Grid Polarizer Spectrogram


  • Large field of view
  • High extinction ratio
  • The polarization wavelength range is large
  • Multiple size options


  • Miniature projector
  • Polarizing splitter prism and head up display

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