CRYLINK thin film polarizer is protected by two N-BK7 window plates. The contact surface between the window plate and the air is coated with antireflective film. In addition, because the polarizer is very sensitive to stress, in order to prevent improper installation from affecting the performance of the polarizer, the thin film polarizer is installed in a metal clasp, which is suitable for low-power applications and can achieve ultra-high extinction ratio. The edge and front of the metal clasp of the polarizer are engraved with product model and polarization direction marking line, which is convenient for customers to identify and use.


Basic Parameters

Product IDPA02005
Transmitted light deflection<10 arcsec
Wavelength range400 nm-700 nm
Damage threshold0.466 J/cm2@515 nm,290 fs,100 kHz,Ø10.72 μm (Single Pulse)
Substrate MaterialThin Film Dichroic Sheet Polarizer/ N-BK7 window plates


  • Beam polarizer and detector
  • Intensity attenuation


  • Working range: 400-750 nm
  • High extinction ratio
  • Large incident angle (± 20 °)
  • Size customization


Thin Film Dichroic Sheet Polarizer Spectrogram

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