Broadband thin film polarizers separate the s- and p-polarization components in broad region at 70° angle of incidence (AOI). These polarizers are designed to be used in high energy laser systems, typically as extracavity attenuators for femtosecond lasers. Polarizers are made form UV fused silica and feature a high laser damage threshold – up to 50 mJ/cm2, 50 fsec pulse, 50 Hz, 800 nm typical.

We offer broadband thin film polarizers with operating bandwidth of 100 nm, centered at 800 nm or 1030 nm.


Basic Parameters

Substrate materialUV FS
Product IDPA02006
Surface quality20-10 scratch & dig
Transmitted wavefront distortionλ/10 @ 633nm
Clear aperture> 90% of the diameter
Angle of incidence70 ° ± 2 °
Parallelism< 30 arcsec
Laser damage threshold50 mJ/cm2, 50 fsec,
50 Hz at 800 nm
Extinction ratioTp:Ts > 200:1
Polarization efficiencyRs/Tp > 99.5/95.0%


  • Extra cavity attenuator for femtosecond laser


  • Rs/Tp > 99.5/95.0%
  • Extinction ratio: Tp:Ts > 200:1
  • Back side antireflection coated: Rp<0.3%
  • High laser damage threshold


Thin Film Polarizers (70°Angle Of Incidence) Spectrogram1
Thin Film Polarizers (70°Angle Of Incidence) Spectrogram2