Polarization optics are important for both intra and extra-cavity use. Some advanced applications require precision-beam combinations for which the polarization state is extremely important. Dualband Brewster Thin Film polarizers are designed for use with two collinear beams of different wavelengths, while maintaining the performance of a regular Brewster polarizer.

We design thin film polarizers in-house for both high LIDT and high polarization ratios. Each coating batch is tested to confirm all spectral characteristics.


Basic Parameters

Product IDPA02002
Wavelength range190 – 3000 nm
Dimensions5 – 200 mm
ShapeRound, rectangular
Surface quality, S-D20-10
Transmitted wavefront distortion, P-V<λ/10 @ 632.8 nm*
Extinction ratio Tp/Ts200:1
LIDTCheck LIDT tab


  • Laser Cavity


  • High damage thresho
  • High polarization ratio

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