Polarizing beamsplitter cubes offer several advantages over plate beamsplitters. They are easy to handle, high contrast and high-extinction-ratio polarizers that split a randomly polarized beam into two orthogonal, linearly polarized components.

These products are typically used in laser-beam separation and combination, and optical-isolation applications. The epoxy-free construction of the cubes enables a superior performance at high energy levels.


Basic Parameters

Product IDPA04007
Substrate materialUVFS
Wavelength range343–2100nm
Surface quality, S-D40-20, 20-10*
Reflected and transmitted wavefront distortion, P-V<λ/8 @ 632.8nm
Beam deviation<3 arcmin
Extinction ratio Tp/Ts>1000:1
Transmission @ central wavelengthTp>97%
Reflectance @ central wavelengthRs>99.5%
LIDTUp to 20 J/cm2 @ 1064nm, 10ns, 100Hz
Polarizing Cubes for High Energy Applications Spectrogram
Polarizing Cubes for High Energy Applications Spectrogram
Wavelength, nmReflection s-pol, %Dimensions, mmTransmission p-pol, %
345-365 (centered @ 355)>99.512.7×12.7×12.7
510-550 (centered @ 532)>99.512.7×12.7×12.7
1020-1090 (centered @ 1064)>99.512.7×12.7×12.7
1510-1580 (centered @ 1550)>99.512.7×12.7×12.7>97


  • Easy, deformation-free mounting
  • High extinction ratio in transmission: Tp/Ts > 1000:1
  • Low reflected and transmitted wavefront distortion
  • No ghost reffections
  • Minimal beam displacement
  • Negligible absorption of reflected and transmitted beams
  • High transmission of p-polarization: Tp > 97%
  • For collimated beams only
  • Input and output surfaces are AR-coated for specified wavelengths
  • Custom sizes are available on request


  • Laser beam splitting and combining
  • Optical isolation
  • Application of high energy laser