The CRYLINK broadband polarization beam splitter cube consists of two right-angled prisms. A prism with a black dot on the top indicates that it has a dielectric polarization splitter film on its slope, which reffects S-polarized light and passes through P-polarized light.For the best polarization performance, it is recommended that the incoming light be incident from the right edge of the prism with a polarized splitter film.CRYLINK chooses to use N-SF1 materials as polarization beam splitting cubes in various sizes. Four types of AR Coating are available: 420 nm-680 nm, 620 NM-1000 nm, 900 nm-1300 nm and 1200 nm-1600 nm.Our optical components are carefully processed, strictly control the quality, and ensure that CRYLINK provides users with high-quality optical products at a reasonable price. CRYLINK installs a 25.4 mm polarized beam splitter cube in a 30 mm coaxial system compatible cube housing, with the top notched direction indicating the direction of the light path. The side of the housing provides M3 threaded holes, which are compatible with a 30 mm coaxial system.In addition, there are four SM1 internal threaded ports on the side of the housing, which are compatible with 25.4 mm lens sleeves at the same time.There are also M4 threaded holes at the bottom of the coaxial cube for mounting the connectors.CRYLINK beam splitting cube housing can be fixed directly by connecting rods, and the surface of the housing is engraved with light path diagrams for user convenience.


Basic Parameters

Substrate materialN-SF1
Product IDPA04004
Flatness of plane(@633nm)λ/4
Extinction Ratio(Tp:Ts)>1000:1
exit angleTransmission:0〫±5 arcmin;Reflection:90〫±5 arcmin;
CoatingAR Coating:Ravg <0.5%@420nm680nm(AOI6°);
Surface quality 40/20


  • Separation of p-polarization and s-polarization


  • Multiple Coating Wavelengths:420 nm-680 nm,620 nm-1000 nm,900 nm-1300 nm,1200 nm-1600 nm
  • High extinction ratio
  • Side M3 threaded hole, compatible with 30 mm coaxial system
  • Four SM1 internal threads on the side, compatible with SM1 lens sleeve installation
Broadband Polarization Beam Splitting Cube Spectrogram 1
Broadband Polarization Beam Splitting Cube Spectrogram
Broadband Polarization Beam Splitting Cube Spectrogram 2
Broadband Polarization Beam Splitting Cube Spectrogram