CRYLINK’s Brewster polarizer uses Iceland spar or YVO4 as raw material, and the Brewster angle incidence can obtain p-type polarized light with a transmittance greater than 98%. At the same time, it has an exit window, so that the reflected light can also be used. Its structure has the advantage of obtaining high degree of polarization polarized light without additional coating.


Basic Parameters

MaterialCalcite, YVO4
Product IDPA01004
Wavelength RangeCalcite: 350-2300nm,
YVO4: 500-4000nm
Extinction Ratio<5×10-5
Surface Quality20/10
Wavefront Distortion<λ/4@632.8nm
Beam Deviation<3arcmin
Damage Threshold>1000MW/cm2
CoatingNo Coating, Tp>98%@1064nm Typical
MountBlack Anodized Aluminium


  • Brewster angle incidence at all surfaces yields greater than 98% transmission efficiency
  • Rejected beams available for beam splitting/beam combining applications or safe dumping
  • No anti-reflection coatings needed, so can be used in high power conditions
  • RoHS Compliant