CRYLINK’s achromatic depolarizer consists of two round quartz wedge crystals. The angle between the optical axes of the two crystals is 45 ° and the thickness ratio of thick wedge crystal and thin wedge crystal is 2:1. The crystals are bonded by UV curing adhesive. Achromatic depolarizer is a kind of passive polarization device which changes polarized light into unpolarized light. For monochromatic light, when the linearly polarized monochromatic light with a certain diameter passes through the achromatic depolarizer with gradient phase difference, the phase difference or rotation angle of the light emitted from different positions is different, which makes the light beam have different polarization states and changes its order state, The degree of polarization of the output light decreases; For a wide spectrum, through the achromatic depolarizer with a certain gradient phase difference, due to the different wavelengths of the incident light and the different phase delay after passing through the achromatic depolarizer, the outgoing light becomes elliptically polarized light with different ellipticity, and the whole beam is a combination of random States, which makes the output light appear depolarization, That is to say, the integration effect of depolarization is produced in frequency domain. The depolarization effect of achromatic depolarizer is related to working wavelength, material, angle between optical axis and prism wedge angle. The difference between the light emitted by the achromatic depolarizer and the natural light is that the state of polarization at different positions is determined, while the state of polarization of the natural light is random. Generally speaking, as long as the light is not dominant in different polarization states, the depolarization effect is considered to be achieved.


Basic Parameters

MaterialQuartz crystal
Product IDPC01001
Surface quality20/10(S/D)
Diameter tolerance+0.0/-0.1mm
Thickness tolerance±0.1mm
Clear aperture>90%CA
Wedge angle tolerance±0.1°
Wedge angle
Surface parallelism<1 arcmin


  • laser processing
  • Fiber optic gyroscope
  • Optical fiber sensor
  • High precision spectrophotometer
  • Photoelectric detection technology
  • Raman amplifier


  • There is no need to align the optical axis
  • It is suitable for wide band light source and large diameter (> 6 mm) monochromatic beam
  • The air gap design can be used for high power beam
  • No coating (190 to 2500 nm) or coated with one of the following three antireection coatings 350 to 700 nm (- a film) 650 to 1050 nm (- B film) 1050 to 1700 nm (- C film)


Achromatic Depolarizers Spectrogram1
Achromatic Depolarizers Spectrogram2
Achromatic Depolarizers Spectrogram2
Achromatic Depolarizers Spectrogram4
Achromatic Depolarizers Spectrogram5
Achromatic Depolarizers Spectrogram6
Achromatic Depolarizers Spectrogram7
Achromatic Depolarizers Spectrogram8

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